Family Owned and Operated


We are family owned and operated and have been since 1991 when we opened our antique shop in Watkins Glen, NY. Our mainstay was paper, books, photos, postcards and smalls. We closed after a few years because of hours involved. In 1998 we started selling on-line only and have found it to be very enjoyable. Our warehouse is located on our acreage and is not open to the public. We have on-line thousands of books from pre-1900 to 2016. From Bibles to Darwin. Fiction, non-fiction, medical, health/diet, travel/tourism, law, history, foreign language, how-to, children/juvenile, poetry, yearbooks, encyclopedias,etc. Hardcover and paperbacks. Also in stock magazines and catalogs, vintage sheet music, postcards, paper collectibles and general ephemera.

And More


Shelved and waiting to get inventoried are thousands more books, sheet music, ephemera and vinyl records. Items arrive weekly so we never know what to expect when we open a box. We maintain a 90 day customer want list. If you would like to be added email us your list so we may keep it on file and let you know if something comes in.


You can view all my books on American History by Clicking Here.


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